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Some Things About Us

We are a marketing arm of MYINMALCOM MARKETING. We have started this website in order to give our clients an easier option in purchasing our products online. We are a group of people who are just like you interested in securing a better and healthier life. Captain J is our main product and it reflects our quality. We are constantly trying to bring in more products in order to give our clients a wider range of products.

We are a group of people who are concious about the common needs of the people. Captain J, as the name describes, wish to pilot and captain the journey to your happiness.


* All information provided here is from Myinmal Marketing, the distributor of Captain-J product. You are advised to consult your Doctor before consuming Captain-J if you have any doubts or any medical conditions.


I ordered and have tried Captain J and i need to state that it really works. However please do follow the instructions as stated on the product.
Wow, it is simply marvelous, no hassle easy to consume and works just as it says.  



Contact Us

Please do contact us for any further details. Click on the image below to use whatsapp on the web and send us a message.

Our products are all certified and approved by KKM for distribution.